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Own Production

Production Cycle

  • Design
  • Preparation of material
  • Assembly of components
  • Visual inspection
  • Material testing

A.C.I. Component Insertion designs and manufactures incremental encoder of high quality and reliability, suitable for any application in the field of industrial automation.

What is an encoder?
The incremental optical encoder is an electromechanical component that converts the angular position of its shaft into a digital electric signal. The encoders can be used as a feedback of electric motors (in this case they can be mounted directly on the drive shaft) or as independent sensors on axes of rotation of industrial machines.

The fields of application of encoders are different, optical incremental encoders are indispensable components to all manufacturers in the field of automation and robotics. We find them for example in electric motors as well as in industrial machinery in general (eg: tools machines, textiles, packaging, printing, for the manufacturing of plastic).

own production area


Wired Encoder
Encoder Encoder cablato Filtri
- Encoder for DC motors with 1 or 2 channels
- Wired Encoder for DC motor 1 or 2-channel
- Filters and brushes holder for DC motors
Samsung SMT - Total Solution

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