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The Welding of Components

The welding process is carried on in a special way as it is crucial for the final result.
In recent years A.C.I. Component has been able to select different types of flux that enables to achieve the highest level of quality for different types of electronic cards.

Thanks to innovative technologies implemented in the double wave air and nitrogen soldering, we produce welds with minimal oxidation and high gleam, providing excellent long lasting electrical and mechanical characteristics.

The visual inspection after welding with traditional vision systems anticipates the electrical testing of printed circuit boards.

welding area

n° 1 | Double wave TSM

n° 1 | Selective APS Novastar
Saldatura TSM



- Special Wave for vibrated SMD
- 3 independent forms of forced convection heating.
- Pre-heating zone with forced convection
- Well all-titanium, Lead Free
- Temperature difference between the two waves - Minimum oxidation of the joint


- Completely integrated system: Flussande, Pre-Heating, Welder
- Welding capacity about 15kg (33lbs)
- Tin Soldering "Zero Defects"
- Max. 400 ° C (725 ° F) | ESS
- Maximum Dimensions tab:
ESS310: 310 x 310mm (12 "x 12") ESS500: 500 x 500mm (19.7 "x 19.7")

Samsung SMT - Total Solution

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