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SMT Assembling (Surface)

Production Cycle

  • Commission Preparation
  • Automatic Parts Assembling
  • Forced hot air welding
  • Visual inspection
  • Sent to the assembling area

The technique of SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) components of the SMD (Surface Mounting Device), consists of placing the components on one side of the PCB and weld terminals on the same side of the support, allowing the process automation of positioning and welding, and the saving of the engaged surface thanks to a density of components that can be also very high.
The SMT assembly is realized with the use of cutting edge equipment and machinery, able to mount a complete range of components (chips 01005, QFP, BGA ...) and to guarantee the maximum precision assembling. The screen printer allows a maximum precision of screen printing, the positioning of the components is guaranteed by pick and place equipped with an optical system with high productivity and precision, therecasting oven 8+8 zones completes the work cycle in an proper way. The SMT assembling service  has a production capacity of 38.900 components/hour.

SMT production area

n° 1 | Samsung SMT CP60 Neo Line

n° 1 | Samsung SMT CP45 Neo Line
Samsung SMT CP60 Neo Line

Samsung SMT CP45 Neo Line

Samsung LD100EScreen Printing DEKSamsung CP60NeoAir Solder Oven

Unister US-1000Samsung CP45NeoAir Solder Oven

Features production line:

[] Power supply: Samsung LD100E

[]  Screen Printing Station: DEK

[] SMT Samsung CP60 Neo
- Optical system alignment LSO
- Components Insertion Ability (24,000 cp/h)
- Range of Components: 0603 (0201) ~ □ 24mm IC Chip
- PCB size: 500x400mm

[] Oven: Air Solder

Features production line:

[] Station Screen Printing: U.S. Unister-1000

[] SMT Samsung CP45 Neo
- Alignment optical system LSO
- Ability added CompoNet (14,900 cp/h)
- Range of CompoNet: 0603 (0201) ~ □ 42mm Chip
- PCB size: 510x460mm

[] Oven: Air Solder

Samsung SMT - Total Solution

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